ICEL adopted its statutes on 26 November 1969. Its last amendment took place at a meeting of ICEL-members in Paris on 24 June 2017.

  • Art. 1, Para 1 of the ICEL-Statutes (“Nature and Seat”) stipulates:
    “ICEL is an international organization established under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. Its legal seat is in Geneva, Switzerland.” ICEL is registered as a non-profit association in the register of associations of the Canton of Geneva.
  • Art. 2, Para 1 of the ICEL-Statutes (“Functions”) says:
    “ICEL shall promote the progressive development of international and comparative environmental law and its related disciplines, to encourage a transformative effect on the principles of law and practices, through providing expert advice and advancing proposals that have a realistic prospect of being adopted.”

Tasks and Functions of the ICEL-bodies

The “Board of Governors” shall not exceed 15 members. It is the Supervisory Board of ICEL. Ex-officio member of the Board is the chairman of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, Justice Antonio Benjamin, Brazil. The Board of Governors is elected for a period of five years by the membership of ICEL.

Currently is conformed by:

Prof. Nilüfer Oral, Chairperson, Turkey

Justice Antonio Herman Benjamin, Vice-Chairman, Brazil

Teresa Parejo, Treasurer (IBERIA, Spain)

Prof. Ben Boer (Wuhan University, China, and Emeritus Sydney University, Australia)

Prof. Koh Kheng Lian, Treasurer, Singapore

Rose Lesley Kautoke, Esq. (Office of the Attorney General, Kingdom of Tonga)

Patricia Kameri-Mbote (Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi)

Eckard Rehbinder (Emeritus, University of Frankfurt)

Dr. Reinhard Joseph Krapp (Bonn, retired diplomat, Germany

Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson, Executive Governor, USA, ex officio (Emeritus, Elisabeth Haub School of Law, NY)

The “Bureau” is the executive committee of the Board of Governors and responsible for the day-to-day business of ICEL.


ICEL is represented at UN organizations by “ICEL Representatives” – currently in New York, Vienna, Geneva, Nairobi, Beirut, Paris, Pacific, Bangkok, Santiago de Chile, Rome and Bonn.

Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson – New York

Prof. Victor Tafur – New York

Ms. Milena Bellini Sheppard – Geneva

Mr. Donald Kaniaru – Nairobi

Mr. Reinhard Krapp, Bonn

Mr. Antonio Oposa, Ombudman for Future Generations

Ms. Hiroko Muraki-Gottlieb, Oceans

Ms. Koh Kheng Lian, ASEAN

Mr. Chikosa Banda, African-American Legal Consultative Organization

Mr. Shakeel Kazmi, International Renewable Energy Agency

Mr. Juan Cruz Allí Turrillas, World Tourism Organization (WTO)

Over several decades two “Executive Governors” exerted the secretariat function. The current ICEL-statutes have been revised in Paris in 2017 and they provide now for only one Executive Governor, who is the functioning director and chief executive officer for ICEL. Prof. Nicholas Robinson is the current Executive Governor.

ICEL Statutes are public and open to be consulted for those interested on this organization.

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