Workshop report: Prosecuting Ecocide: Prospects for Enforcement Nationally and Internationally

Following the workshop, ‘Prosecuting Ecocide: Prospects for Enforcement Nationally and Internationally’, held at UC3M Getafe campus on 29 November 2023, ICEL is delighted to release this report. The workshop focused on understanding options and challenges to achieve greater accountability for environmental crimes. It took the starting point in exploring the rationale, feasibility and possible consequences of recently made suggestions for expanding accountability for environmental crimes at ICC level.

The workshop report entails a summary of presentations and remarks by the participants, including academics from different disciplines, practitioners and activists alongside other information about the event, which was divided into four main panels along with an opening presentation and closing remarks. :

1) Context and rationale for criminalizing ecocide.
2) Ecocide and environmental crimes prosecution at the ICC.
3) Ecocide and environmental justice in national and regional legal frameworks.
4) Environmental crimes, human rights and transitional justice.

The event was organised in collaboration with Stop Ecocide and within the framework of “Making Peace with Nature and Making Nature a Key for Peace” (Pax Natura) and received generous support from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; IUCN/ World Commission on Environmental Law; and ICEL.

You may download the full report on the following button:

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