Prosecuting Ecocide: Prospects for Enforcement Nationally and Internationally

On 29th November 2023, the UC3M team, Dr. Thomas Obel Hansen and Prof. Montserrat Abad Castelos, together with Stop Ecocide coordinators Maite Mompó and Rodrigo Lledó, convened the workshop “Prosecuting Ecocide: Prospects for enforcement nationally and internationally”, with support from its partners, ICEL, IUCN/World Commission on Environmental Law and the research grant, ‘Making Peace with Nature and Making Nature a Key for Peace Project’. The workshop included presentations by leading international and environmental law scholars, representatives of States particularly affected by environmental and climate harm, activists, business representatives, and others. 

Following, it is available the full program of the event and below all the sessions:

The event was streamed live on the UC3M YouTube channel. Below you can watch the videos from all parts of the event:

Welcome Remarks

Opening Presentation

Panel 1: Context and rationale for criminalizing ecocide

Panel 2: Ecocide & environmental crimes prosecution at the ICC

Panel 2: Ecocide & environmental crimes prosecution at the ICC

Panel 3: Ecocide & environmental justice in national and regional legal frameworks

Panel 4: Environmental crimes, human rights & transitional justice

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

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