On 2-3 September 2021 at Marseille’s prestigious MUCEM museum, ICEL and the Normandie Chair for Peace hosted an international symposium entitled “Peace with Nature: Laws for Ecological Resilience.”

Through 18 moderated panels, 75 expert and diverse speakers from legal, policy, philosophical, and technological backgrounds, the Symposium explored various facets of ecological-centric law and ethics and how this can integrate with evolving environmental rule of law and emerging fields such as the Rights of Nature and the Rights of Future Generations. Of note was the care taken to include storytelling panels that demonstrate the “Good Stories” and progress made over the last half century of environmental law.

With an audience of more than 50 on-site and an estimated 3000 online, participants learned from the leading experts on familiar topics such as measuring legal indicators for environmental duties, as well as cutting-edge ethics-based topics. Finally, the Symposium enjoyed the world premiere performance of “Voice of the Sea”, a musical and video composition performed by ICEL’S Music and Culture representative.

Following you may download the program or check the full report of the event:

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